20 mph consultation

Published: 13 February 2024

Melmerby Parish Council – 20mph Zones – A Consultation

Summary Report

· Westmorland & Furness Council has implemented a new policy with regard to 20mph zones in towns and villages and has encouraged parishes to get involved.

· Melmerby Parish Council submitted an expression of interest in adopting 20mph zones in the village in September 2023.

· WaFC have set a deadline date of 16th February 2024 for the submission of applications for the village to be considered for 20mph zones.

· Those applications need to show support from WaFC councillors and provide evidence of wide consultation with residents to gauge levels of support.

· WaFC councillors have encouraged us to apply at each ordinary PC meeting since the start of their term of office in May 2023.

· In the consultation process:

o A consultation day was organised on Wednesday 10th January.

o This was held at the village hall throughout the day and early evening.

o Approximately 110 leaflets inviting residents and setting background were distributed to all households.

o The consultation day was advertised on the village noticeboard.

o And it was also advertised on social media.

· At the village hall a full display was set up to:

o Explain in detail the background.

o Show the steps that need to be followed in the process.

o Show possible alternatives on how 20mph zones might be set out in the village.

· Maps showing three alternatives were on display:

o A 20mph zone on all roads within the village curtilage.

o A 20mph zone on all roads within the village curtilage except the A686 that would remain at the current 30mph.

o No change to the current road speed limits – ie 30mph on all roads within the village curtilage.

· Residents were asked to show a preference by placing a chip in to one of three pots linked to the maps.

· They were also offered the opportunity to leave comments on notes that were posted on a display board.

· Melmerby Parish Councillors were on hand through the day to explain and answer questions.

· A total of 46 people came along to see the displays, indicate a preference and have the chance to leave comment.

· Of those 46:

o 35 indicated a preference for option 1 – 20mph throughout the village.

o 4 indicated a preference for option 2 - 20mph throughout except A686.

o 2 indicated a preference for option 3 – no change

o 5 visited but offered no preference.

Opinions Expressed on the Comments Board

“I like the idea of 20’s plenty on vulnerable roads, especially where children and elderly people cross. Flashing lights warning people about people crossing and warning of a 20mph zone between lights might be an option.’

‘I consider a 20mph speed limit for the whole village is the best option. The loss of time suffered by the motorist is miniscule, the benefit to the families of Melmerby is enormous!”

“20 is plenty. I really hope this goes ahead and people stick to the new speed limit. Thank you PC for our work with this.”

“Safety for all. As a mother of two children it would be peace of mind, especially as we may also have a playground in the village”

“It would be really useful to have a means to enforce 20mph, at least on the main A686 though the village eg speed cameras.”

“25pph on A686 would be better and more enforceable but government must ________ inflexibility.”

“I welcome this proposal. Option 1 would be my best option. All roads should be 20mph for many reasons, one being safety of all road users, particularly pedestrians as only one footpath within the whole village – which is not that wide anyway.”

“I support 20mph on the A686 as living in The New Inn opposite the junction of the Ousby road I see so many “near misses” on the bend. Currently the secondary school bus does not stop on the A686; this route could change leaving students especially vulnerable.”

“Option 1 my preference. Factors: A686 – 20mph throughout the village and approach roads is simplicity/less road furniture. Village green both sides of road – no fencing, no footpath. V narrow approach west to east. Central – blind exit onto E-W bend close to exit from bakery. Green/A686 – start of popular cycle route including time trials. Bakery popular in the village – exits/entrance A686. Ousby road - single track road on Sustrans Pennine Cycle Way through village to Gamblesby. Gamblesby road single track by caravan park. Shepherds Inn. Agricultural area – periodically sheep driven through village including on A686 westwards. Noise – peaceful village. Already 30mph limit.”

“Option 1 seems the best. However I would like a 20mph sign at the beginning of the straight up yo Hartside to reming people and preferably some means of slowing/enforcing this here eg speed camera/sleeping policeman/chicane as the changes made so far with the Speedwatch group haven’t stopped the motorbikes/sports cars “taking off” at the Gamblesby corner with the subsequent noise pollution. Is this the time to push for 20mph zone and help to sort this problem once and for all as part of the changes.”

“even if people speed the will speed less – 30mph…….40/50mph; 20mph……30/40mph. Safer.”

“Restrict speed on A686 to 20mph only from bus shelter to Hartside road.”

“Safety of pedestrians – many of whom are very elderly or young is a priority. 20mph zones across the village therefore important. Also will help reduce noise and air pollution.”